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Editing Etiquette

The purpose of this MediaWiki is to provide accurate and coherent documentation about all aspects of the DANSE project.

1) We certainly encourage users to provide comments and new information for the MediaWiki. We seek the most accurate information available, and we seek corrections and other viewpoints for the content of the public pages.

on the other hand,

2) We respect the intellectual efforts of others, so we do not edit others' content without permission. Altering technical text, especially text under development, usually produces incoherence.

When two authors are collaborating on content development, there is of course no problem with mutual editing. When a non-author has comments, however, he or she should use the associated "discussion" page (tab at top of page). Discussion pages are open to all comments and corrections. The author of the page will certainly be interested in the comments, and responsible authors will revise their text to be sure it is accurate. The associated discussion page is also an appropriate location to place the original text before you make major changes to the work of your collaborator. It is expected that your collaborator will delete this text, or move it to his or her personal pages.

Please note that it is easy for all users to view the complete "history" of the edits to a page (tab at top of page), and it is straightforward for the Caltech administrators to revert to a previous version of a page. There is a sandbox for experimentation and arbitrary editing, and we have some explanations of common tasks in preparing new content for the MediaWiki

The editorial policies of the WikiPedia project (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Be_bold) are useful to read, but are only partly relevant here. For this DANSE MediaWiki, light editing to fix grammatical errors is acceptable and welcome, but it is important to respect the intellectual contributions of the original authors.

B. Fultz

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