Mailing Lists


Members of the DANSE project and the interested community are encouraged to post discussions to any of the following DANSE project lists.

danse-help (            help/contact points for DANSE project
danse-dev (             developers (programmers and postdocs)
danse-community (      active third party individuals
danse-all (            union of danse-proj  & danse-community 
danse-proj (           union of danse-dev & danse-mgmt  
danse-mgmt (           management (subproject leaders)

The first three lists (danse-help, danse-dev, and danse-community) are publicly viewable. The second set of lists are viewable by list members, and can be posted to by members of the danse-all list only.

To post to any of the above lists, send an email to:

 <list-name> [at]

For any of the list archives that you have access to, you can also change options ( such as your password. All changes should be made globally.

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