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DANSE: Distributed Data Analysis for Neutron Scattering Experiments

This is the home page of the general information site for DANSE. The Release Pages ( for the DANSE products are at a different site. The structure of this wiki site follows the organization of the sidebar to the left of your browser window.

DANSE is a software development project on distributed data analysis for neutron scattering experiments. You are welcome to browse this site to find documentation on the software or neutron scattering, and to make comments in the public access pages. Anyone working on the DANSE project is encouraged to request an account and access to the editing capabilities of this MediaWiki.

The DANSE project was prompted by the development of the Spallation Neutron Source ( (the "SNS") in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The SNS has started to produce intense beams of neutrons to be used as probes of materials, molecules, and condensed matter. The instruments that control these beams, and detect the neutrons scattered from specimens, are state-of-the-art. Neutron scattering experiments performed at the SNS will produce data of unprecedented detail on the positions and motions of atoms and spins in materials, molecules, and condensed matter. The raw experimental data acquired with these instruments are not simple to interpret, and new software is required to transform the data into useful forms. Beyond such data reductions that are available today, there is an opportunity to interpret data using several major advances in computational materials science that have occurred over the past decade.

The goals of the DANSE project are to build a software system that 1) enables new and more sophisticated science to be performed with neutron scattering experiments, 2) makes the analysis of data easier for all scientists, and 3) provides a robust software infrastructure that can be maintained in the future.

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Figure: Pictorial view of distributed computing with DANSE. User is assumed to have authorized access to the different resources on the right of the figure. Client software on the user's laptop coordinates a network of processes that may run locally or on remote resources.

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