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Spreadsheet for Input of Level 4 Tasks

This Excel spreadsheet called "Master_Task_List.xls" is for describing level 4 tasks and their risks. Specific cells in this spreadsheet are input into the Filemaker database that is collecting all tasks and is being used to prepare the WBS dictionary and project schedule. The risk assessment is crucial for determining the precise number of hours required for the task, and will be used later for risk management of the DANSE project. Some of these data (such as salary information) are nominal and must be changed in the database when preparing the actual WBS.


Organizing Level 5 Tasks

Different level 4 tasks on the WBS will require different types of work. For example, writing Python bindings for an existing legacy code will require fewer iterations than the design of a new functionality with new code. There is no one formula for breaking the level 4 tasks down into level 5 subtasks -- below are different examples of Excel Templates for organizing Level 5 Tasks. One of these spreadsheets, or some variant like it, should be submitted with each level 4 task listed in "Master_Task_List.xls" above.

Luke's suggested level 5 task template.

Brent's template for new code development.

Porting of GAMESS package by Mike McKerns. (This turned out to be a list of tasks at level 6)

Adapting ARCS data reduction software to SEQUOIA by Tim Kelley. (This turned out to be a list of tasks at level 6)

A large software plan from an aerospace company.

Looking at Risk

This is a brief discussion on the definition of risk and a copy of the CMMI TBQ questionnaire. We will not be following this structured approach as would be the case in industry, but it will help to review the material and think about the risks that the project faces.

Notes on risk and CMMI TBQ questionnaire

Salary Calculator spreadsheet

This spreadsheet allows you specify the cost for resources including overhead and extras and number of resources over a 5 year period. Inflation is estimated at 5% per year.


Other Documents about project management:

SNS-Caltech interactions

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