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DANSE Project Organization

Under the IMR-MIP program at the NSF, a conceptual engineering design effort is being supported to build software for the analysis of data from the SNS and other neutron facilities in a system called DANSE -- distributed data analysis for neutron scattering experiments. The lead institution is the California Institute of Technology, with Brent Fultz as the principal investigator of the DANSE project. The co-investigators of the project are Michael Aivazis of Caltech, and Ian S. Anderson, Director of the Experimental Facilities Division at the SNS. The DANSE project includes two main thrusts that are inter-related, but have some independence:


Figure: Administrative organization of the DANSE project.

1) A central resources activity with a purpose to develop and support software engineeering and technology. This effort is centered at Caltech, and is led by Michael Aivazis, Director of Research, Center for Advanced Computing Research at Caltech.

2) Science subprojects in the different subfields of neutron scattering, centered at different institutions around the U.S. The leaders of the scientific subprojects are: Simon J.L. Billinge of Michigan State Univ. (diffraction) Ersan Ustundag of Iowa State Univ. (engineering diffraction) Paul Kienzle of the Univ. of Maryland (reflectometry) Paul Butler of the Univ. of Tennessee (small-angle scattering), and Frans Trouw of Los Alamos with B. Fultz (inelastic scattering).

Outline of Work Breakdown Structure for DANSE (

  1. Milestones and External Drivers
  2. Project Integration
  3. Project Infrastructure
  4. Central Services
  5. Common Algorithms
  6. Diffraction
  7. Engineering Diffraction
  8. Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
  9. Neutron Reflectometry
  10. Inelastic Neutron Scattering
  11. Education, Outreach, and Knowledge Transfer
  12. Diversity Strategic Plan
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