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All public announcements will be posted on the DANSE wiki. The evolution of the DANSE wiki can be tracked through the 'Recent Changes' page. Also, please consider using any of the project resources to get help or ask questions...

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  • Tutorials (these contain considerable documentation)

  • FAQ

  • Install and build instructions

  • Weekly meeting notes (see how design decisions are made)

  • DANSE Gantt chart

Papers and Presentations

  • The DANSE Construction Proposal gives a thorough description of the components of the DANSE system, and information on interoperability (50 pages 0.8 MB pdf).
  • The DANSE white paper is an earlier, shorter, description of DANSE (DANSE white paper (
  • Experimental Inelastic Neutron Scattering This free book explains the science and basic algorithms used for the reduction of inelastic neutron scattering data. It is a 200+ page LaTeX book with index and table of contents, written by the ARCS team over several years. Its intent is to take the reader from the basic scattering physics to the types of data analyses that are used. It is not documentation for specific software components, however. (2.0 MB pdf (
  • Distributed Analysis of Neutron Scattering Data on the TeraGrid This report explains at a conceptual level the issues that must be addressed if DANSE is to run on the TeraGrid. It is a report from Caltech to ORNL by McKerns, McCorquodale, and Fultz. (pdf (
  • A Virtual Test Facility for Simulating the Dynamic Response of Materials Michael Aivazis, William A. Goddard, Dan Meiron, Michael Ortiz, James Pool, Joseph Shepherd, March 2000, Computing in Science and Engineering, Volume 2 Issue 2
  • A Virtual Test Facility for the Simulation of Dynamic Response in Materials Julian Cummings, Michael Aivazis, Ravi Samtaney, Raul Radovitzky, Sean Mauch, Dan Meiron, August 2002, The Journal of Supercomputing, Volume 23 Issue 1
  • Pyre: an integration framework for high-performance computing Michael Aivazis 2003 (pdf (
  • Scientific Application Design Michael Aivazis 2002 (pdf)

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