DANSE: Distributed Data Analysis for Neutron Scattering Experiments

DANSE Construction Work Breakdown Structure

This document defines DANSE:

DANSE Construction Proposal Text (0.8 MB pdf) (

More specifically, it lists all tasks that are planned for constructing the software components of the DANSE software system. The subsection numbers in this document correspond exactly to the task numbers in the DANSE Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), to level 4 in detail. The document also describes how the components would be organized and how they would work together. There is some description of the science that is enabled by such a software system.

A variant of this document was submitted to the National Science Foundation in January 2005 as part of a grant proposal to the IMR-MIP program. This document is the most comprehensive description of the DANSE system available in 2005.

The document is about 50 pages of sometimes heavy reading. It might be useful to first read the Project Summary, then examine the structure of the Table of Contents, which follows the structure of the WBS.

Nuggets for the NSF (2005)

These Powerpoint files contain two slides each, and give high-level overviews of the science subprojects:

Diffraction (0.4 MB ppt) (

Engineering Diffraction (0.3 MB ppt) (

Small-Angle Scattering (0.4 MB ppt) (

Reflectometry (0.8 MB ppt) (

Inelastic Scattering (0.3 MB ppt) (

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