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Hey, this thing is pretty cool. Thanks, June.

New b questions

  • Is there a sandbox?

Yes: Sandbox

  • Where should I put files that don't fit into any of the categories in the sidebar? Shouldn't there be some people pages?

Look at the top after you've signed in. Possible to see other people's pages? Yes: for example

  • Perhaps there should be a heading for Code Tutorials under Documentation/Software engineering? Presently there's no obvious place to put the page on how to write Python-C bindings. It's tempting to put this in the style guide, but while Python-C bindings present cool style opportunities, this is not a style question.

There is now a tutorials page under Software Engineering

  • How come the sidebar does not appear at the side, but below the "main" box on any given page? Is this just a fluke of Netscape?

June fixed this. --Tim 09:00, 4 Aug 2004 (PDT) Updated --Tim 08:51, 11 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Another question

Okay, another question: should we attempt to have some uniform structure for each page in "Science subfields"? I would propose the following:

  • techniques: pages explaining data reduction/treatment techniques of that field, for example, background estimation, binning into constant-2-theta rings.
  • instruments: pages describing various instruments available to programmers.

(NB should instrument components and the software components that represent them be described in the Common Scientific Software Topics currently labeled "Cross-cutting Topics"?)

  • components: software components that realize the techniques described in "techniques".
  • applications: applications that coordinate components to do large scale tasks.

Feel free to add/subtract anything. Also, I said some uniform structure: I think different subgroups should feel free to add their own headings. The main point is to have some uniformity.

--Tim 09:00, 4 Aug 2004 (PDT)

Another viewpoint

A possible structure for the "science subfields" page is to follow the traditional structure of experiment, computation, and theory. This would allow the software development to be presented in the context of the science.

--Fultz 17:00, 4 Sept. 2004 (PDT)

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