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Please note that some DANSE projects have evolved on their own, and are hosted elsewhere now:

The inelastic software packages are still hosted at the DANSE trac for the inelastic subgroup, They are now also available at github:, and some found applications at SNS:,

DANSE is an open source project. You don't need to join the DANSE project in order to participate.

Release pages are available at

In the following sections the subversion access to DANSE sources is described in detail.

Read access to current code

You do not need any special permissions to get read access to the current code. Just setup your environment then download source from the subversion repository using readonly access.

If you make local changes you can generate a patch file using

  svn diff

and send this to the DANSE developer responsible for that code to commit to the repository. It is best to send small patches often rather than one big patch.

Write access to code

Request a DANSE account

To be granted write access to the DANSE repositories, or permission to edit this wiki, you need to request a DANSE account. Please specify whether you are interested in a wiki account, wtite access to the repositories, or both. When the admin recieves this request, you may also be prompted for other information relating to joining the DANSE mailing lists and your contact information.

Setup ssh public key access

  1. read this reference
  2. create a key pair [accept default location, but enter a passphrase]
    • $ ssh-keygen -t rsa
  3. make sure your private key is secure
    • $ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  4. send your public key to cacr-support ( [attach "~/.ssh/" in an email; and specify that you want write access to the DANSE repository]
  5. fill out the CACR user account request form

Set your Trac password

Once your public key is installed on the DANSE server, you can enable access to Trac by setting your password. You do this by logging in to a dummy account using:


This asks you to enter and confirm the password you want to use for web access to Trac. This is a little counterintuitive since it asks you for the new password without first asking for the old password (which you don't already have or may have forgotten), but it works because authentication is controlled by the private key on your computer matching the public key stored on the DANSE server.

Access the repository

Download source from the subversion repository using readwrite access (that is, use the svn+ssh:// form of the repository name). Note that you can have as many copies of the repository as you want, and move them around in your directory tree.

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